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Begonnen von Webfan, 14 Juli 2012, 00:38:14

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Nach ein wenig fummelei scheint es nun zu funktionieren:
Jeder bei Webfan registrierte User erhält automatisch eine OpenID!

Ich freue mich über jeden Tester und Benutzer  :bye:



I see you Xing connect app  :BD:
Do you think it's will be possible to create Facebook, Yahoo, Google, MySpace and Microsft ID connect module 4 pragmamx ?

Like this users of others social networks will be converted more easily to pragmax.
I think it's important to do it if pmx register can stay independant.
How make this kind of modification ?
I saw this topic but it's not enough for me for make an homemade pmx connect module ; and i'm interrested for beta-test your open id server auth. Can you help me ?



Hello shorty,
yes this is possible.

I implemented the Jan Rain script for my pragmamx OpenID Login and an OAuth class for the xing login.
Unfortunatly it is not usable for othe pmx installations without modifications.

Some time ago I found an OAuth class currently supporting Bitbucket,Box,Disqus,Dropbox,Eventful,Facebook,Fitbit,Flickr,Foursquare,github,Google,Instagram,LinkedIn,Microsoft,Salesforce,,StockTwits,SurveyMonkey,Tumblr,Twitter,XING,Yahoo
by built in functions.
I implemented this class for facebook at
Of course the pmx registration and accounts work independently.

Please excue me, I cannot do this for free, for now.
I cannot promise, maybe I will offer a pmx modul for download for free, but definitly not before a stable public verison 2.0.

You can mail to me at or post here if you have further questions


 :thumbup: it's works great !
Just missing the birthdate (for french laws register)
I think this kind of progress will help all the community.
Hope you will find the time for do it one day.
Thanks for show it's possible with Pragmamx.
I will contact you if i can make something for help.



Sieht gut aus! Vielleicht auch was für mich  :)
Das Problem sitzt vor dem PC.

Pragmamx 1.12.3.


ein entsprechendes Modul ist in Arbeit...

Es wird ein Homepagesystem Homepage Account benötigt werden:
Das PragmaMx Modul funktioniert dann über eine API-Anbindung zum Homepagesystem.
Extra-Features kommen später hinzu...

I am working on a module.
A Homepagesystem Homepage Account will be required:
The PragmaMx modul will use an API Connection to the Homepagesystem.

Beispielhomepages:    (Xing)     (Facebook, Twitter)