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Begonnen von le Chaland, 18 November 2023, 16:52:41

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le Chaland


I have a problem when i want to upload an avatar from deskop computer.

On this page : /modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=edituser

- I can upload the avatar and it appears on the page.
- It is possible to delete it on the same page. Link under the picture.
- Files are succesfully generated in the folder : /media/Users-Avatars
Under 4 sizes: full, mini, normal, small

Tried with an animated gif and a static jpg image 

But when i want to save the records i have an error that the picture the picture does not exist or is invalid ...

Any suggestion to unlock the situation ?

Thanks in advance.


This is a known bug. We still have to fix it


Kein Support über PN, Mail etc.!
Bitte die Fragen im Forum stellen, nur so helfen die Antworten auch den anderen Usern.
Bitte auch die Boardsuche nicht vergessen, oft ist genau dein Problem schon an anderer Stelle gelöst worden!

le Chaland

Ok. I will wait and use ftp upload.